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Faculty & Core Faculty

The Faculty is committed to bringing to life in the classrooms the content of the Waldorf school curriculum. Their responsibilities include all pedagogical concerns, educational policy, child study, anthroposophical study, artistic study, and parent conferences.

From the inception of the first Waldorf School in 1919, Waldorf schools were designed to place Faculty collaboration at the heart of all policy formulation. Teachers in Waldorf schools the world over meet weekly to do the work needed to provide for the children in their care. These meetings are vital because the authority and responsibility of the school rests with the teachers.

Steiner believed that teachers who were not permitted to determine their own functions risked becoming impractical and remote from reality. It is vitally important that our teachers stay deeply connected to the administration of the school for precisely this reason.

The full Faculty meets for two and a half hours weekly on Thursday afternoons. Discussions focus around Faculty and program development, general school business, administrative matters, and all aspects of the lives of the students. This meeting is also an opportunity for school committees to inform the Faculty of their ongoing work.

Core Faculty

The Core Faculty is a smaller group drawn from the full faculty and staff who, out of a commitment to Anthroposophy, take on a special responsibility for the school's care and guidance. The Core meets weekly and works by consensus. Their responsibilities include deepening the cultural and spiritual life of the school, hiring and terminating faculty, creating new faculty positions, and developing pedagogical programs. All of these responsibilities are carried out in collaboration with other school leadership groups.

The current members of the Core Faculty are Stacey Alston, Annamay Keeney, Sandra Martin, Lisa Roggow, Sara Walsh and Abby Wright.

Early Childhood, Kindergarten and Class Teachers

At the center of Waldorf learning stands the classroom teacher, the person who initiates the meaningful person-to-person handshake with every first grader, every morning – and continues to shake that child’s hand daily for years to come. Because our teachers move up into each new grade along with the class, they grow familiar with the learning styles and personalities of each student. The teacher’s commitment to each child continually deepens over time, and a close community results as classmates come to trust this adult as a reliable source of guidance, wisdom and understanding.

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Morning Garden Nursery and Preschool at Inman Park Kindergarten
Class Teachers
Specialty Teachers and Support Personnel

Specialty teachers, too, work with Waldorf students through all the grades so that a consistent, caring circle of adults know and observe your child. With their unique vantage point, the instructors who teach our specialty classes pay close attention over the years as wide-eyed first graders, struggling with unfamiliar consonant sounds or finger-tasks, gradually become teenagers proficient in a wide array of academic skills and arts.

At the end of each school year, a thorough end-of-year report is prepared for each child by both the class teacher and the specialty teachers.

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