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Independent Thought

By Grade Four, students possess the solid academic skills needed to participate in more independent projects. Fourth grade students have developed into individuals who are better able to objectify their studies. For example, when studying Norse mythology, fourth graders use their new skills with fractions to create mathematically precise drawings of intricate geometric plaits and knots.

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Class Teacher

Sophia Szombathy

Sophia Szombathy grew up in Atlanta, GA and received her B.A in Psychology with a minor in Spanish. During her time at UGA, she was able to fulfill her love of music and travel by living in Spain and spending time in a town known for its music. Upon graduation, she moved to New York City to join her sister. While living there, Sophia worked at a raw and vegan restaurant, where she met, what became her New York family. During this time, she stumbled upon the New York Center for Anthroposophy. She volunteered at this small Waldorf initiative and after leaving New York, worked at the Waldorf School of Atlanta where she substituted and worked in the office for several months. Her time at WSA inspired her to enroll in the teacher training program at the Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA. Sophia began her training in 2010,loving the full immersion experience, the beautiful garden, and her work at the bookstore and library. In August of 2012, she moved to Berkeley, CA and was a kindergarten assistantand lead aftercare teacher at the East Bay WaldorfSchool, before joining the faculty at WSA in 2013. Sophia loves to spend time with her family, sit on her porch, and enjoy live music.

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