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Through the exploration of an unknown world, the seventh grade curriculum challenges the thought processes of young adolescents, leading them to discovery, understanding and discernment. Students trace the routes of the world's great explorers, hone written language through creative writing, and recreate the painting of a Renaissance master. New discoveries continue with the introduction of geometry and pre-algebra, and the physiology of the human body - coursework that lays the academic foundation for further studies in Grade Eight and high school.

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Geography & the Renaissance
Creative Writing
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Class Teacher

Class Teacher

Catalina De Luna Garza and Jim McClurkin

Catalina De Luna Garza was born to a large family and raised, along with seven siblings, in a small town in Northern Mexico. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies from the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, an undergraduate diploma from the University of Alabama on Education of the Gifted and Talented, and is currently working on her Master's project to earn her M. Ed. in Waldorf Education from Antioch New England Graduate School. Catalina has been teaching since she was 18 years old in preschool and elementary classes in private schools in Mexico. She attended el Centro Antroposófico de México for her Waldorf teacher training in 2003. At that time, Catalina joined the Waldorf School of San Miguel de Allende, México as a class teacher where she taught for seven years. She relocated from Mexico, with her two daughters, to teach at WSA in 2010. Catalina is passionate about language and poetry, and enjoys being with her family and friends, especially when gathered to cook and share a meal or engage in a deep conversation with a cafecito.

Born and raised in the Maryland suburbs, Jim McClurkin graduated Magna Cum Laude from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a B.A. in European Literature. He later earned his M. Ed. from Antioch New England Graduate School with a dual certificate in public and Waldorf education. Jim is in his 25th year of teaching, 18 of those years with middle school students. He joined the WSA faculty in 1999 as a sixth grade teacher, and graduated that class in 2002. He also graduated classes in 2004, 2009 and 2013. Prior to teaching, Jim's varied work experiences have included carpentry, roofing, string band musician and bicycle messenger. He has lived in England, biked through Western Europe, and hitchhiked and walked through Guatemala and Mexico. He has been to 48 of the 50 states in America. Studying the subjects that he teaches is Jim's primary recreation. He also enjoys reading, music and jogging. Jim notes that "my work and travel experience seem to have cultivated an appreciation for virtually any way of being that I encounter in the children I teach."

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