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Great Discoveries

Through the exploration of an unknown world, the seventh grade curriculum challenges the thought processes of young adolescents, leading them to discovery, understanding and discernment. Students trace the routes of the world's great explorers, hone written language through creative writing, and recreate the painting of a Renaissance master. New discoveries continue with the introduction of geometry and pre-algebra, and the physiology of the human body - coursework that lays the academic foundation for further studies in Grade Eight and high school.

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Geography & the Renaissance
Creative Writing
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Class Teacher

Class Teacher

Tim Smith

Tim Smith was born in Kentucky (in the Daniel Boone National Forest) and raised in rural Illinois and Iowa. He attended Goshen College in Indiana as a religion major for two years, and went on to receive his BA in Humanities from Thomas Edison State College. Tim earned his Waldorf teacher training certificate at the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Toronto. Tim has lived in Venezuela, Germany, and Switzerland, and spent three years working as a caregiver in a Camphill community for disabled children in eastern Pennsylvania. Over his 13 years at WSA, Tim started as an intern and moved on to teach various subjects including music, Spanish, and practical arts. He has been a class teacher for 10 years and has been with his current class since first grade. Tim started the basketball program at WSA, and coached for several years. Tim and his wife MJ, also a Waldorf educator, have three children; their two daughters graduated from WSA and their son is a current WSA student. Tim has a love of music, and plays the guitar and sings. He also enjoys carpentry.

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