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Through the exploration of an unknown world, the seventh grade curriculum challenges the thought processes of young adolescents, leading them to discovery, understanding and discernment. Students trace the routes of the world's great explorers, hone written language through creative writing, and recreate the painting of a Renaissance master. New discoveries continue with the introduction of geometry and pre-algebra, and the physiology of the human body - coursework that lays the academic foundation for further studies in Grade Eight and high school.

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Geography & the Renaissance
Creative Writing
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Class Teacher

Class Teacher

Lila Rubio-Quero was born in Puerto Rico and lived there until she was 6 years old. At that time she moved to the United States and was raised in Florida and Georgia. She has a Bachelor in Textile Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA with a finance concentration from Wake Forest University. She has completed the Foundation Studies program through the Center for Anthroposophy where she rediscovered her love of teaching. Lila is currently working on her Waldorf teacher training certificate through the Rudolph Steiner Centre in Toronto. Lila was math tutor for Decatur High School and a calculus teaching assistant at Georgia Tech. She also spent many years in senior management in the business world before becoming a mother to two daughters, both students at WSA. Most recently, Lila has been a regular substitute at WSA, teaching everything from main lesson to math and Spanish. She loves to travel, ride bikes, cook healthy things and spend time with her family.

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