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Our Gardening teacher is Rebecca Johnson.

Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson will assist the second grade in main lesson in the 2014-2015 school year. Ms. Johnson has worked so well with Ms. Szombathy and the first grade this past year, and we are so pleased to have her continued support for the class. The remainder of her day will be dedicated to the new role of gardening teacher. In this position, Ms. Johnson will teach outdoor lessons to grades classes and guide the planning and care for our campus's outdoor environment.

A native to Atlanta, Rebecca Johnson has loved the outdoors all of her life. She grew up experiencing nature in her Grandmother's garden and on numerous camping trips. She traveled to New York for college and graduated cum laude from Fordham University in 2008 where she studied Art History. After leaving graduate school, Rebecca embarked on several farming apprenticeships. She has work on a pasture raised live stock farm, a small dairy farm, and multiple vegetable farms. While working on a Biodynamic farm in 2010, Rebecca began to study the agricultural theories of Rudolf Steiner and has since continued to practice Biodynamics, most recently as the Assistant Manager at the East Lake Urban Farm. Rebecca came to the WSA community in 2012 as a teaching assistant and is thrilled to combine her love of teaching children and gardening while applying the Biodynamic principles at WSA.