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Tuition & Fees

Tuition is set annually by the Board of Trustees at a level needed to meet the cost of operations.

Tuition for 2015-2016 will be set in February 2015.

For the school year 2014 - 2015, the WSA tuition fees are as follows:





(due Apr 17)


3 Day Preschool/Kindergarten
(until 1pm)

$ 6,700

$ 200

$ 6,900

$ 1,300

$ 560.00

Full 3 Day Preschool/Kindergarten
(until 3:10pm)

$ 8,250

$ 225

$ 8,475

$ 1,550

$ 692.50

5 Day Preschool/Kindergarten
(until 1pm)

$ 9,990

$ 300

$ 10,290

$ 2,100

$ 819.00

Full 5 Day Preschool/Kindergarten
(until 3:10pm)

$ 12,560

$ 325

$ 12,885

$ 2,200

$ 1,068.50

Grades 1-2

$ 13,500

$ 375

$ 13,875

$ 2,350

$ 1,152.50

Grade 3

$ 13,500

$ 625

$ 14,125

$ 2,350

$ 1,177.50

Grade 4

$ 13,500

$ 475

$ 13,975

$ 2,350

$ 1,162.50

Grade 5

$ 13,500

$ 600

$ 14,100

$ 2,400

$ 1,170.00

Grades 6-8

$ 14,835

$ 600

$ 15,435

$ 2,500

$ 1,293.50

* Fees include costs for curriculum materials and supplies, field trips, and overnight class trips.

The above chart represents a monthly payment schedule. Annual (5% discount) and semi-annual payment schedules are also available. There is a 10% discount granted for all younger siblings attending the school.

Families who choose the monthly payment plan will make their initial payment directly to The Waldorf School of Atlanta. All remaining monthly payments will be automatically debited each month from your bank account by the FACTS Tuition Management Program. FACTS is an independent company that facilitates the collection of tuition payments for many independent schools nationwide.

Your monthly payments will increase if you are adding in hours for Extended Day programs.

If you are on tuition assistance, each of your eleven payments will generally be the same amount, including the initial payment in April. The monthly payment will be based on the amount of tuition assistance awarded.

Extended Day

Before School Care

The Waldorf School offers Before School Care beginning at 7:30 a.m. for families who need it. Kindergarten families are charged a semester fee for each child signed up for Before Care. The fee for Before School Care is $180 a semester, or $360 for the year. You will need to turn in payment before your child may attend. The children are dropped off at the administration building no earlier than 7:30 a.m. They will be brought to their respective classes when the school day begins.

2014-15 Extended Day

(After 3:10)
Average Daily Usage
3 days per week
5 days per week
1 hour (picked up by 4:00)
$680 per year
$1155 per year
2 hours (picked up by 5:00)
$1365 per year
$2255 per year
3 hours (picked up by 6:00)
$1785 per year
$2940 per year
*Drop in Rate: $10 per hour, you will be billed for any drop-in usage

Grades 1-8
Average daily usage
3 days per week
5 days per week
1 hour (picked up by 4:00)
$630 per year
$1050 per year
2 hours (picked up by 5:00)
$1260 per year
$2100 per year
3 hours (picked up by 6:00)
$1625 per year
$2730 per year
Thursday Only: $420 per semester ($210 per semester)
**Drop-in Rate: $8 per hour, you will be billed for any drop-in usage

*You must be registered for full-day Kindergarten to participate in the Kindergarten extended day program (pick-up later than 3:10). This applies to Drop-in as well.

** Drop-in is meant for those occasional times when you just cannot get to the school by your designated pick-up time.

Additional Fees and Costs

Instrument Rental and Lessons

Beginning in Grade 3, students take private violin or cello lessons to further develop the skills acquired through the school’s rich music curriculum. Students admitted during middle school years will take private recorder lessons. For fall enrollment, it is especially helpful if the student begins lessons during the summer to prepare them for the year ahead. Later, after becoming fluent on the recorder, the student may elect to study another instrument. Parents are responsible for the cost of weekly lessons and renting or purchasing an instrument. These costs can range from $200 to $250 per month.

Extended Day Programs

The school offers a Morning Care program that starts at 7:30 A.M. An Extended Day program is also offered for students who may need to stay beyond the end of the regular school day. Fee information is available upon request.

Annual Fund Drive

Each year, parents and friends of the school are asked to make an annual gift to supplement the cost of educating our students (tuition funds approximately 90% of our budget). Monies raised during the Annual Fund Drive are primarily used to support our tuition assistance program, as well as other school-related obligations. The amount of the gift is at the discretion of each family, but we do expect 100% participation from our community. Gifts are tax deductible.

Capital Campaign

The Capital Campaign serves to renovate or build facilities for the school. During years when a capital campaign is conducted, families are expected to make a long-term sacrificial gift to support this effort. Gifts are tax deductible.