New Inman Park Campus

The Waldorf School of Atlanta now has two classrooms at the Early Childhood Center in Inman Park! (MAP)

For 30 years, parents have trusted their young children were in loving capable hands at WSA. Time has shown their trust was well placed. Now, a wider geographic area will have the opportunity to partake in a Waldorf preschool/kindergarten.

WSA Inman Park Campus offers a 2, 3, 4, or 5-day nursery and preschool program.
Ages range from 2 to 4 year olds.
The hours are from 9 am 1pm for all students; Extended Day is not available.

WSA Early Childhood Center is located at 1015 Edgewood Avenue NE, Atlanta, 30307.

The program will have a weekly rhythm with specific days for making soup, baking bread, painting, and handwork. Many families will find the full weekly rhythm a comfort for their children, but the option is open for parents to choose from 2 to 5 days a week.

Information about WSA's Early Childhood curriculum can be found here.

Tuition information can be found here.

Please call Stacey Alston, Enrollment Director (404 377-1315 x1060) or email for more information.

Our Preschool/Kindergarten curriculum is marked by:

A home-like and rhythmic atmosphere with mixed age groupings that encourage children to develop independence in a loving, creative, and safe environment

The development of children's cognitive and linguistic skills through storytelling, puppetry, song, and poetic recitation

Beautiful and warm surroundings where children learn naturally through their play and love of activity

Rich sensory experiences such a bread baking, snack preparation, watercolor painting, and handwork projects meant to engage the minds, hearts and hands of young children

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