Lunch and Snacks

Within each school day in every classroom, a regular time is set aside for mid-morning snack and lunch. In the kindergartens, a hearty snack is prepared by the teachers and children with wholesome ingredients provided by the school, except for the designated "soup day" when each child is asked to contribute a vegetable. Kindergarten children provide their lunches from home.

For all grade school children, both snack and lunch are brought from home. The children need an ample amount of healthy food to nourish them through the day and to enhance their playing and learning capabilities. (A nutritious snack should not be a substitute for either breakfast or lunch.) A wholesome, well-balanced lunch helps the children get the most out of important afternoon school hours. The school encourages parents to have children bring a full water bottle (a pint to a quart) from home to drink during snack and lunch. This is particularly important during warmer months.

The Waldorf School of Atlanta strongly discourages meals of pre-packaged foods containing refined sugars and additives. Candy, gum, and sweetened drinks may not be brought to school.

In the interest of conservation, the school recommends the use of reusable food containers and water bottles. Kindergarten and young grade school children are asked to carry their food in a basket with a cloth napkin and any necessary utensils. Older children may use backpacks or non-commercial, insulated lunch bags.

If a child has any special food requirements, parents should communicate this to the child's teacher.

Pizza delivery offered on Wednesdays!!

We are pleased Avondale Pizza Cafe is our partner this year for our annual pizza sale fundraiser benefiting the 8th grade class trip! For your 1st through 8th grade student to have pizza delivered to their classroom for lunch on Wednesdays from January 6 through June 2, please place your order no later than Monday, December 14. Orders can be accepted throughout the semester prorated to $3.25 per slice. Order form and payment must be received in the WSA office by the Friday prior to the Wednesday pizza delivery. Click here to get a copy of the flyer with all of the pizza sale details.