Select School Policies

Parents should review the Family Handbook for detailed information on school policies. However, below are excerpts from a few of these policies.

Communication Policy

Parents with concerns regarding their child's educational experience are encouraged to speak directly with their child's teacher before speaking about their concerns with others. In the event that this dialogue does not provide resolution and/or additional support is deemed necessary, the Faculty Chair would be happy to support the situation. We have found this to be the quickest and healthiest resolution to concerns.

When a sensitive situation does develop within the school community, one individual will be identified to take responsibility for all official communication. Other than this contact person, members of our Faculty and Staff have been asked not to discuss sensitive matters.

You can support this effort by directing all feedback to the individuals concerned. If you are unsure of where to go with a concern or question, our School Administrator or Faculty Chair would be happy to help.

Weather-Related School Closings

News/Talk 750am WSB and Channel 2 are our official weather information resources. In addition, there is a frequently updated list of school closings on the Internet at In the event of a closing due to inclement weather, you will be called automatically with a recorded message. Please do not call the school.

Media Guidelines

We find that Waldorf Education works best with children who experience little or no media at all. We strongly urge the elimination of all media in the kindergarten through fifth grade, and ideally through eighth grade. The teachers of these grades will provide recommendations about how to carry this out and develop alternate activities for the children.

Although we encourage the complete elimination of media experiences in the lives of our younger students, we understand that sustaining this expectation may no longer be possible or desirable for middle school students. As the children get older, their experiences become more varied and the influence of the peer culture strengthens. We want our older students to become knowledgeable, productive, and discerning users of media in our world.

Please review to the Family Handbook for a more thorough discussion of our media policy.